collective improvisation workshop

This workshop aims to bring together humans who have experience or an interest in collective improvisation, and would like to refine their practice, their ability to listen in a collective game and the richness of the multitude.
The workshop will be an opportunity for dance, poetry, music and drawing to meet and exchange.
The themes addressed will be both political and social.
Different personal and collective improvisation techniques will allow everyone to develop their ability to listen with their eyes, ears, skin, intention and sensitivity.
We will practice listening, communication and transformation qualities in order to create a common language.
The workshop will include different discussion formats throughout from which a thread will emmerge and nourish the improvisations. 
Potluck lunch (please let us know of your allergies, intollerances or preferences)
Sunday 10 of January from 10h00 to 17h00
50$ on the day or 45$ if you pay in advance*

At Fleur d’asphalte

* Please communicate with us if your financial situation would be the only reason not to participate. We will see what we can do in all discretion.


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