Touch: a powerful tool for dancers, choreographers and dance teachers

Karine Rathle, Msc, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London, UK

In many somatic techniques touch is used as hands-on guidance to facilitate clients’ movements, creating new patterns of motion and enhancing mobility and posture. Dancers, choreographers and teachers can also benefit from such knowledge. Derived from a variety of different somatic techniques, the exercises chosen for this session will allow participants to experiment and find their own ways of using touch in their practice. They will be informed of the scientific and anatomical benefits and reasoning behind the integration of somatic principles in dance training. Various types of touch relevant to dancers, choreographers and teachers, highlighting the difference between corrective touch and informative touch, will be introduced.  While clinicians and hands-on practitioners learn to use touch through training, members of the dance community are generally left to explore the benefits of touch through trial and error. This exploratory workshop is designed to begin closing that gap in knowledge and practice.

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