MUNZ FLOOR is a method developed by Alexandre Munz, dancer at l’Opéra de Paris. The apparently soft movements of the MUNZ FLOOR method, tone you deeply and your fasciae are massaged from the inside, your fibrillar tissues are rehydrated. This method is quite unique, the slow spirals can improve the health of your spine, working directly on the deep muscles for a better overall mobility.


Jen’s testimony : Practising this program diligently under Karine’s attentive supervision for 2 years has restored significant personal agency for me and tremendously improved my quality of life. As an individual with hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (hEDS), the very slow, progressive, supported exercices on the floor are exactly what my body and mind need to release my fascia, restore blood flow to tight areas of pain and spasm, and simultaneously strengthen my intrinsic, deep core and stabilizing muscles. I haven’t felt the need to see a chiropractor since I started practicing Munz Floor and my physio has gradually decreased from every 2nd day to 2-3x a week the first year, and now once every 2 weeks or even once a month only sometimes. I am able to travel internationally for both work and my health care all while keeping up my practice by participating in Karine’s group classes and private sessions that accommodate a wide variety of time zones. My health care team frequently remark how impressed they are with my overall progress and status, considering the complex nature of my genetic connective tissue disorder that affects the whole body. I believe I am very high functioning due to incorporating Munz Floor into my regular health care regimen.

It is gentle yet deeply intense on a level I do not experience with other methods and I’m in awe of the profound impact. I used to rely on body workers weekly and now I’m nearly completely independent again, able to sort myself and my changing needs day to day. The depth of the neuromuscular repatterning that I have experienced is so profound that my body unwinds the spirals unconsciously now while I sleep to relieve my back pain and rebalance my body. I sincerely recommend that everyone earnestly try learning this technique with Karine, no matter what your challenges and struggles might be: it will change your life and your concept of what you thought life could be.



I was trained par the founder of the method for level 1 and 2 in the summer of 2020. One year later, I decided to go even deeper in the method and got certified for level 3 and 4.


These classes are accessible to all, come and explore the benefits of this method increasingly renowned around the world.


Fees : $ 20 per class. 10 class cards are available for $ 180, 5 class cards for 95$ (valid for one year).

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