Karine is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and researcher in dance and dance science. Dance has been an integral part of Karine’s life since childhood, she developed a solid base in classical ballet. Since then, she has extended this experience to include Contemporary dance, argentinean tango, contact improvisation, modern dance, flamenco, argentinean folkloric dances. Karine is also a Safe in Dance International,  Pilates and MUNZ FLOOR (formerly SAFE® FLOOR) certified teacher. She has extensive knowledge in the field of Somatics and integrates it to her own practice and teaching.

These apparently soft movements tone you deeply and your fasciae are massaged from the inside, your fibrillar tissues are rehydrated in just one session, you will see! This method is quite unique, the slow spirals can improve the health of your spine, working directly on the deep muscles for a  better overall mobility.

Teacher of Argentine tango, contemporary dance, ballet, improvisation and more. I offer several possibilities for courses or internships at all levels, ages and mobility.

Researcher and teacher specializing in dance science. I offer workshops and classes to dancers, teachers, choreographers, artistic directors and anyone involved with dancers on the application of dance science in the studio. Scientific research in Dance Science is growing rapidly and has gained more and more recognition from dancers and dance educators around the world.

Extending beyond the perceived limits of the physical, Karine’s voyage of discovery aspires to integrate the movement, the image and the theatrical aspect in both her creation, and her performance of dance.